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About Us

Shield Marine was founded in 2010 by Matthew Hayes and Jeff West who have a combined 50 years of experience in the marine industry.  Matthew and Jeff formed Shield Marine to provide a yacht service company that meets ALL of their clients needs.  Shield Marine is changing the way yacht service is managed by putting the customer first.  Shield Marine will provide you the level of service that you want that will allow you to enjoy your yacht.

Management Team

Jeff West – Managing Partner
I have been a Marine Technician for over 26 years.  Over the past 26 years in the Marine Industry, I have had a multitude of experience with different lines of boat manufacturers including their motors, air conditioning systems, electrical systems, lighting systems, electronics systems, and all areas needed to have each boat run correctly. These lines include Formula, Pursuit, Fairline, Viking, etc.

Over this period of time I have had all the appropriate training courses needed.  These courses are needed to complete the repairs, on an annual basis or as needed as renewal of these certificates would come due.  these certificates would allow me to keep up with the changes on the different products.

Work Experinece:

Shield Marine                                                                        2010 to Present
Fort Lauderdale, F                                                                 Founder
Service Manager

MacMachen Yachts Sales d/b/a  Fairline Florida                   2005 to 2010
Fort Lauderdale, FL                                                           Service Technician

Marina One                                                                             1999 to 2005
Deerfield Beach, FL                                                           Service Technician,
Service Manager

Ocean Outboard                                                                     1994 – to – 1999
Merrick, N.Y.                                                                       Service Technician

Marina West                                                                            1980 – to -1994
Oceanside, N.Y.                                                                  Service Technician

Matthew Hayes – Managing Partner
Since leaving school at 16 in 1989 I have been working on Fairline boats.  I completed my engineering apprenticeship with them, gaining qualifications in boat building from British marine industry federation ( level 2) and electronics engineering qualifications.  This was a 4 year course.  All of this was backed up with experience working on the production lines, the boat sizes then were up to 62 feet.  I then transferred to the warranty and customer service department and traveled the world for 6 years repairing boats and training dealers.  In 1999, I was sent to Florida to help train the new Fairline dealer bases in Deerfield Beach when they took over the dealership.  The dealership changed again in 2004 and I became the Service Manager for the new dealership.  My team and I have commissioned and delivered yachts up to 78 feet and have a strong repeat sales and service customer backing.  All of these experiences, allow Shield Marine to offer and new, improved and higher level of customer service. Come see for yourself.


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